DSCF1770 Photo Atelier

Born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1974, I graduated in History of Art and Archaeology from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve. It is through self-taught methods that I have sought my own artistic expression.

In my paintings, I try to create a parallel world where a calm, serene and comfortable environment rules.

The abstract compositions in key colours leave a certain freedom of interpretation to the observer. My paintings are driven by the search for simplicity, spontaneity and 'freshness'.

I work exclusively with gouache. This type of paint allows me to create soft, joyful, and light colours, which are dominated by ocre, green, and pastel shades.

The spontaneity of the images and the colours of the work of Gaston Chaissac have been major influences on my work. I use gouache, as he did, to achieve a matte finish.

The following three quotations describe perfectly the approach I take to my work :

« C’est en se livrant totalement à l’instinct, sans intervention intellectuelle que l’on peut exprimer ce qui est en soi, bien en soi, totalement et fortement »

Jean Planque

« « Désapprendre » la peinture, se défaire des idées reçues qu’on s’est formé à son sujet »

"Unlearning" painting, is to undo inherent ideas that one has about about our subject.

Jean Dubuffet

« Je rêve d’un art d’équilibre, de pureté, de tranquillité, sans sujet inquiétant ou préoccupant… quelque chose d’analogue à un bon fauteuil »

I dream of a balanced art of purity and tranquility that does not disturb or preoccupy the viewer... something similar to a comfortable sofa.

Henri Matisse